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The Centrals Cricket Club was formed in August 1952 with Dr. T Mclean elected as president. The club was to enter a A & B grade team into the CGCA. Centrals won 1 premiership in the CGCA, which was in the 54/55 season when they went through undefeated. Centrals also have a proud history in the TDCA, joining the league in the 55/56 season as the Traralgon Reds, while still having a team in the CGCA. The following season Centrals entered 2 teams in the TDCA, one as Centrals, the other was the Reds. In the first season as Centrals in the TDCA, the club went on to be premiers. For the 58/59 season, Reds changed their name to Demons and that season they played against the Centrals team in the Grand Final, which Centrals won. In 62/63, the Demons reversed the role on Centrals. Both Centrals & Demons (know as Apex Park CC) entered a team into the TDCA B grade comp in 62/63, this team was know as Apex Park II. 2 years later, the club had 4 sides, Centrals A & B grade and Demons A & B grade. Centrals & Demons played each other in the 65/66 semi final, the game finished in a draw as rain interrupted play and as Centrals finished higher, they went into the Grand Final. Demons protested this result, which was denied, this caused the club to split and the following season the players from Demons formed a new club called City. Murray Bates & Dr. Charles Bridges-Webb were the only players from the Demons side who stayed with Centrals. Centrals have won 11 A grade flags (1 as Reds & 1 as Demons), and 6 each of B & C grade premierships, with the last being in 2002/03 in B grade. Some of the best players in league history have represented the club, these include Jim Merrett, Ron Milne, Rod & Darryl Bird, Ron Howland, Merv Rainsford, John Stuckey, Harold Graham and Anthony Bloomfield.